Revenue and pricing models

For Authors and Bloggers and Self Publishers

We publish you and your products in the relevant stores on a large scale. So, in our role as publishing experts, we provide you with all of our know-how and the entire value-added chain of a digital publishing house:

You decide how much you need assistance: No hidden costs, full transparency!

Tips for bloggers:

The e-book creation with YOUPublish is very easy for you as a blogger, because you can access all your blog articles in YOUPublish directly in order to quickly create your first e-book. Try it out for free right now or check out our screencast first.

You've already finished an e-book?

Independently from the creation process with YOUPublish, we offer services to proofread your finished e-book and to sell in all e-book stores as a self publisher. The necessary ISBN numbers you'll receive from us for free. We are happy to support your project through meaningful marketing activities as well: Starting with your own author's website, over Facebook and Google activities to public relations. You decide on degree and scope.

Happy to work out an individual strategy for you: Just drop us a shorte-mail.

*DRM: Digital Rights Management


For Companies and Publishers

YOUPublish provides companies and publishing houses with the opportunity to build up their own ebook portfolio very quickly and digitally manage their ebook content in the cloud. This means that time-intensive and extremely expensive overseas conversion processes can be eliminated. You have constant access to your data and can perform alterations, updates, etc. yourself in the blink of an eye.

For you as a content provider, we furthermore like to work out solutions on how to automate the e-book creation process based on your data with YOUPublish. The possibility of a data-driven, automated production of intelligent e-books on YOUPublish is currently unique in the market, allowing you to scale into the e-book market with all-new products very quickly.

Showcase automatic guides:

With the tourism database of Huber Media "under the hood" we can create a travel guide with restaurant tipps, points of interests, sleep accommodations and even tours to x-destinations automatically in less than 5 seconds. YOUPublish must be "fed" only with one or more keywords (e.g. "Munich", "Cologne", etc.): cover, introduction, overview maps and table of contents are dynamically generated from the content. Fully automatic!

Checkout yourself: All MegaTravelguide e-books (German)

Business tariffs

With the business tariffs, you use our infrastructure to produce the ebook.

Option: E-book creation as a full service service

We are happy to create your e-book for example on the basis of your print PDF. In addition to text, tables and images we integrate, if necessary, advertisers and support you in addition to sales on Amazon & Co. in monetizing your e-books over media revenues.

Option: Sales

We manage the sales of your e-books on a revenue share modell.

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