How it works

Do not panic - It really is that easy!

Step 1: Basic data for your new e-book

Title and cover image are the face of your e-book and are therefore important success factors for your e-book. If you use any images make sure that these belong to you or you have cleared the license rights.

Briefly describe the content of your e-books so that interested readers get an idea what they will get with your e-book. You can also add tags, so that your e-book can be found easy.

If you want to write a travel guide, please tell us the destination your e-book is about. We use this information for example to provide you with suitable maps in the later process.

Tipp: We automatically integrate an authors profil. This is generated from the info that you can provide within your profile settings.


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Step 2: Fill your e-book with your existing content

Add text

In order to add text to your ebook, click at the upper symbol on the right:

Now you can easy add text.

Choose a title and add some taggs as well, so that you will find your articles easier later.

You run a blog? Than you are able to import all your blog articles. Please click on the second symbol and fill in the URL to your Blog:

Now all your articles including pictures, links etc.from your blog are showing up.

Choose which articles you want to use and import them to YOUPublish.

Drag and drop the article to the desired e-book chapter on the left side.


Other features:

Add/ Delete Chapters

Add/ Delete elements within a chapter

Mark elements to be shown in the table of contents of your e-book.

Tipp: In order to edit the text, click on the chapter element on the left to open an editable preview of the page.


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Add pictures

Upload pictures and picture galleries and add them to your e-book. You can add a copyright to every picture as well if needed.

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Add a picture gallery

You can organize your pictures in galleries in order to put a picture gallery into your e-book. Just click on the "plus" symbol on the right and choose from your pictures and organize them in a new gallerie. You can upload new pictures and organize them in a gallery as well.

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Special contents (not available in all templates)


Add POI (Points-of Interest) (Travel E-Books only)


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Add a Tour (Travel E-Book only)

If you track your tour with a GPS tracker or with an online service like GPSies ( you are able to upload the .gpx file directly to YOUPublish. YOUPublish interprets the data and converts the data into a readable page for you.

Thats how the generated page will look like

Describe your tour and add some pictures and your done with your first tour guide.

Tipp: Tryout GPSies ( or a similar service. All tours can be exported into a .gpx file from there, that you can use in YOUPublish.


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Add Maps (Travel E-Book only)

You can add different maps to your e-book very easily. Choose between hiking maps, classic maps and cycling maps.

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Step 3: Preview

Your whole e-book at a glance. You can edit it and finish it.

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Step 4: Publish it

Done. Your e-book is validated and converted into .epub, .mobi and .pdf.

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