About us

YOUPublish is a service by YOUPublish GmbH, which was founded on April 14, 2014 and has been started end of juli 2014 in five languages: german, english, french, italian and spanish.

With the product it is already possible to create e-books out of existing content e.g. from blogs. The produced e-books can also already be sold via YOUPublish, Apple and Amazon.

Founder and CEO of YOUPublish is Andreas Dollmayer. Before he founded YOUPublish, Andreas Dollmayer worked as a digital strategist for more than 10 years at MairDumont. In that role he was responsible for the whole digital product portfolio of Mairdumont: web, apps and e-books before he founded the digitalstrategen GmbH, which is also the main shareholder of the YOUPublish GmbH.

In addition to digitalstrategen GmbH, its partners is MairDumont GmbH & Co. KG.

In october 2014, YOUPublish was one of the finalists of German Accelerator, and therefore among the “hottest” thirty startups in germany.

The idea for YOUPublish has already achieved acclaim, winning the Digital Publishing Ideas Contest at the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair.

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