2nd Compass to Europe’s Innovative Chemical Companies

2nd Compass to Europe’s Innovative Chemical Companies
Series: BCNP Books
Published: 31.10.2016
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In times of rapidly increasing market dynamics and of increasing competition from new players in these markets innovation is key. In order to secure profitable and sustainable growth it is a crucial measure to acquire or start-up new businesses beyond and adjacent to existing businesses. However, to startup a new business in larger companies within the frame of corporate routines and protocols can be very challenging. It is protracted and tortuous work to break down megatrends into meaningful business cases, analyse value chains, identify internal competences and gaps, find partners and potential customers, form sound business models, implement realistic business plans, organize resources, align with all stake holders and finally get board approval for the budget and resources needed. Welcome to the world of intrapreneurship!

BCNP Consultants GmbH

… transforming knowledge ... joining knowledge and technology with markets

BCNP Consultants GmbH is an acknowledged consulting company specialising on the branches biotech, chemistry, nanotech and pharma.

Biotech, Chemistry, Nanotech and Pharma

Four pillars form the basis of our consulting services:

  • Comprehensive scientific expertise
  • Specific industry knowledge
  • Many years of experience
  • Stable networks

With these we generate creative solutions and individual value.

BCNP Consultants assess technologies in relation to competitors, examines the feasibility of market introduction, analyses and optimises marketing and sales processes, helps raising capital, consults in growth and strategy processes, identifies recommendations for action on the basis of analyses of potential.


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