Guide to Collaborative Finance

Guide to Collaborative Finance
Series: IntelligentHQ
Published: 02.06.2016
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A small guide introducing the reader to Collaborative Finance. Collaborative Finance is an umbrella term that assembles together various peer to peer processes of money exchange, that avoid the intermediation of a traditional financial institution. The guide covers some of those processes of informal financial transactions, that have been enabled by advances in social media and peer-to-peer online platforms. 

Maria Fonseca

Maria Fonseca is a London based writer, thought leader, researcher and filmmaker. Maria writes about the sharing economy, postcapitalism, social innovation and futuristic ideas. She is the editor of IntelligentHQ, which is a social business network that provides intelligence + education about social business, cutting edge economical trends and innovation. She completed her arts based PhD in 2015, taken at the University of Westminster and is now preparing her arts based Post Doc that will explore the links between creativity and novel post capitalist economic alternatives. 

She is the author of the project and coming book: Dream Economics, to be launched in 2017. As an artist, she has exhibited her work  in various international exhibitions such as Manifesta 5, São Paulo Biennial, Photo España. She has given talks about her work in numerous conferences and events for the past 10 years. She is visiting lecturer at Groupe INSEEC in London  and Lusófona University. Twitter: @mariafonseca71


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